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It never ends…

It is still way too hot!  Stays around 100*.
So another day without a walk around the neighborhood.
Walking on a treadmill just isn’t a real walk.
But I do have something for Tuesday Chatter.

I had a delivery today.
A new bed!
Didn’t need a new bed but sometimes,
well, you know…


The picture makes it look like an extra long twin but it’s a queen.
Really, what else would a Queenie sleep in?
I thought the bed would satisfy my wanting something new.
Silly me!
Now the armoire looks old and weary and ready for the guest room.
So, now I am saving for the really beautiful dresser that goes with the bed.
It never ends, does it?

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14 thoughts on “It never ends…

    1. Oh, there are cats every night not so diplomatically placed. Why do I think I have to accommodate their comfort before my own?

  1. Nice bed attractively presented. Yes, that desire for something fresh and new seems to brew just beneath the surface all the time. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  2. I love your new bed. I have a 4 poster bed with all of the matching pieces. I have moved it around with me for 20+ years, It is Ethan Alan so it holds up very well. I just got a new mattress and what a difference. I feel like a queen sleeping on a cloud. Thank you for linking to Tuesday Chatter.

    1. A new mattress is wonderful. When I sold furniture and someone bought a bed I always asked if they needed a new mattress and almost always they said no. When I would ask how long they had their mattress they would tell me about ten or more…years. Crazy!

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