10 thoughts on “Celebrating cool air…

  1. YES!! Bless Mr. Carrier for inventing air conditioning! I’d be a wilted pile of sweaty misery without it. Have a great weekend!

    1. We are used to hot weather here in SC but not for this many days without a bit of a break. Although, this morning it was only 85 when I got up!

  2. It has been very hot. Our cat finds cool places to sleep even with the A/C on. She is a long haired cat, which doesn’t help. I make sure her water is fresh and cool.

    1. I have been refreshing the cats water more often with this heat. I think they appreciate it almost as much as they like the fan.

  3. All of my cats have been sleeping on their backs to cool their core or else they are on the cool tile. There have been moments in this heat that I wanted to lie down on the tiles with them. That’s even with air conditioning.

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