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All mad and pouty…

Teddy is in a mood.
I am not sure why.
Maybe because his dish is empty,
or because I made him get out of the bathtub
so I could take a shower, or because it is hot and the a/c
is on and the door is closed and he can’t go outside, or
maybe because I wouldn’t give him any of my ice cream.
Maybe it is something else.
I don’t know why but he is definitely in a


But doesn’t he look cute all mad and pouty?

I have been very dull of late, because of the heat I think.
It could be making my brain sweat and swelter
and rendering it unable to think properly.

Thank you, Teddy, for giving me something
for Tuesday Chatter and for making me smile.
♥ He makes me happy.

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18 thoughts on “All mad and pouty…

  1. Our furkids are so very good at letting their feelings be known! Mine will sit with their back to me, sneaking peeks now and then to make sure I’m noticing their unhappiness. If I won’t share a bite of something they like they will stare at me in total disbelief, leaving me feeling ever so guilty!

    1. I think guilt inducing is something all cats are trained in and they are very good at it. Teddy is a pouter but Jack is more of a who cares kinda cat. Jack has little interest in people food but Teddy is another story. He is a pest!

  2. I miss my Shady. But I have Chelsea, our Bichon Frise. Cats and dogs are different. Independent and yet happy to be loved, cats are good companions. Teddy will keep his secret. Why is he pouty? That is for him to know and you to find out. Ha. Blessings to you and Teddy…

  3. No matter what cats do bring us out if our moods. Can Teddy be any cuter. Sweet.

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