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I have to disagree…

“There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.”
Jerome K  Jerome

I have to disagree with Mr. Jerome.  I love doing nothing and have fun while doing it.  I think doing nothing is doing something. It’s just that it looks like nothing is being done. nothingNot everyone can become good at this. It takes practice and determination to make doing nothing fun. I am very good at this. In fact, I have elevated having fun doing nothing to an art form. This art form is closely related to that of procrastination at which I am also very good. I don’t know which came first and seriously doubt that it matters. If you are good at one you are good at the other. It does take years to be better than good, to move into the Gold Medal class but the time it takes is fun-filled nothingness. Trust me I know of what I speak.

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12 thoughts on “I have to disagree…

  1. I am not at all convinced there is something such as “doing nothing”. Even sleeping, or daydreaming, or just snuggling up with a furkids is doing something. Maybe we just need to redefine what “doing nothing” means, because I’m pretty sure I enjoy it as much as doing something more active, in fact I think I enjoy it a lot more! :-). I think our furkids have doing nothing down to a science and we should follow their lead! Great post!

    1. Yeah, doing nothing is probably doing something but little is accomplished while doing it. As you can see in the photo Teddy enjoys doing nothing so much it makes him smile in his sleep.

  2. If you are that good in doing nothing, oh what fun that is and you deserve more stars than ever!

    1. All those hard working well-muscled athletes who are never still wouldn’t hear of it. They probably think doing nothing is a disease.

  3. Ah, but what Jerome speaks of is procrastination – avoiding the doing of something by finding something more fun to do 😉 Perhaps that’s why he spent so much time in a boat??!

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