12 thoughts on “Today is…

  1. I think it’s wonderful that coloring and color books have become so popular with adults. It such a relaxing thing to do, and the wonderful varieties of pages to color means everyone can find something they like. I love “coloring” online with the Colorfy app too, it’s easy to do anywhere and you can save and print out your finished projects!

    1. I don’t have coloring books but I do some coloring in my bullet journal now and then. There is an app for everything except for making one rich…unless you’re an app designer, I guess.

      1. LOL, that’s the truth! The Colorfy app is free, so at least they aren’t making money on me for that one. I try to use free apps or ones that are very inexpensive. There is nothing I need to do online badly enough to pay a substantial cost for it… well maybe with the exception of Microsoft Word, which thankfully came with my Surface tablet. It didn’t come with my last laptop and it was expensive!!

  2. Ah yes. That’s what I need to soothe my soul – a bit of colouring in. Much more useful than chocolate biscuits 🙂

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