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My Tuesday…

Time for Tuesday Chatter!

I have been kinda busy all day.  Got up early, yes, I got up early.
Took a walk and of course, it was HOT!
On the way home I stopped at the library to pick up a book they were holding for me,
The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin.
It’s the third in the trilogy so it will be wrapping up the story
that started with The Passage and continued with The Twelve.
I know when I start this book everything else will stop
and I have some other stuff that needs to be done.
I have a feeling there will be little sleep this week.


I also, gasp, cleaned the bathroom.
I mean from top to bottom.
Even took the light fixture down and washed it!
It looks so nice that now I don’t want to use it.


Then I went down to our Fitness Center to try to figure out
how to make room for a bike/elliptical.
It’s a small room with a treadmill, a weight contraption that is huge,
another thing I don’t know the name of that you do pull-ups on,
a bench, two weight racks, a big ball, a half ball thing, and a bookcase
that holds other odds and ends that exercisers use.
I know what bike/elliptical I want us to have but it is going to be tight.
But then, where there is a will there is a way and I really want the bike/elliptical.


And now here I am writing blog posts.
I’m so industrious.
So industrious that I am pooped.
So good night.

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8 thoughts on “My Tuesday…

  1. You did have a busy day! I love rooms that are spotlessly clean, I was raised that way, but I can’t say that I enjoy the process of keeping them that way. Blogging is much more fun! 🙂

    1. Blogging and reading is so much more fun than cleaning! It is rare for my place to be spotless but it is clean enough to be healthy that’s the important thing.😸

      1. Thank you! I enjoy our chats, as well. We’ve been supporting each other for a while between In Other Words and Tuesday Chatter,

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