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Teddy’s fill-ins…

hi, everybody, it’s me, teddy!
mama said I could do the friendly fill-ins this week.
this is so great being on the ‘puter again.


this is week 15 of the friendly fill-ins
but my first week doing it. mama is such a ‘puter hog.
so here goes.

  1. When I run out of canned cat food, I use mama’s tuna instead. i really like it when there is no cat food. doesn’t happen often enuff!

      2. My guru is i’m not sure what a guru is but i think it is prolly my mama.

      3. I am afraid of people, every people everywhere, except my mama.

      4.I feel empowered when jack runs away from me and i chase him then he lays down all wimpy like and i bites him and pull his hairs out.

that’s it for me.
have a good weekend!

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29 thoughts on “Teddy’s fill-ins…

  1. Oh, Teddy. Poor Jack!
    I always read the fill-ins on Friday and then get back to them to comment. Weekends are so hectic right now, but will settle down as we get into Fall. Thank you for participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins. We appreciate your participation. Hugs.
    Annie at ~McGuffy’s Reader~

  2. I can understand why Teddy likes tuna better. That rich fishy taste has to be the berries for kitty cat. I like what makes Teddy feel empowered. lol Funny response. All good fill-ins! Thanks for making me smile this afternoon. Have a terrific upcoming week PJ and Teddy!

    1. My cats are like children to me. I am a crazy cat lady. I here you about the heat and humidity. This has been the hottest summer breaking records every week. I am more than ready for fall!

  3. My sisfur, Saphera, is scared of almost all humans, too, but I love to meet new people and animals…. except squirrels. Those squirrels at the park have a gang and they are vicious.

    1. Teddy had a sad first few months and was mistreated before he went to the shelter. He is much better than when I got him but still wary of peeps.

  4. LOL! What a riot! My cats always liked people food better than cat food, too. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

    1. Teddy begs like a dog for people food but Jack could care less. The are two very different cats. My weekend was lovely hope your’s was too.

    1. Teddy is determined to be top cat around here and he is. Jack has learned to take the attacks in stride and occasionally provokes them.

    1. Teddy used to have his own blog. But it got a bit time consuming having 3 blogs going so Teddy had to give up his. If he could type…

  5. What a great post to end my night with! Teddy, I swear you get more handsome with each passing year! My furkids sometimes get people tuna too as an emergency back up, and they all love it like you do! They like their tuna cat food best of all too. I think your Mama makes a mighty fine guru for people too, she has a lot of wisdom that she’s learned thru the years, and more importantly, a lot of faith! Sometimes people are really scary, I am with you on that, I am not sure I understand most of them very well. Your last answer had me laughing out loud. You sound so much like Toby, he likes to terrorize his sisters a bit too, then when everyone has been sufficiently chased and chewed on he lays down and takes a nap! 🙂

    1. It is the only way he will have anything to do with people. I have had him five years and have friends who have never seen him. They wonder if he is just a figment of my imagination.

  6. Thank you for joining the fill-ins Teddy. You should be nice to Jack though. Tuna is yummy, I bet you wish you could have it every day. 🙂

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