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Looks can be deceiving…

Three Line Tales, Week Thirty-One

photo by Alex Hockett

Looks Can Be Deceiving

He was a big tough man with lots of tattoos, usually dressed in leather riding his Harley, who rarely smiled. Most people were afraid of him and to be honest he did look kind of rough and scary. But she knew her daddy was really a big soft sweet teddy bear dressed in a bad guy disguise.

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9 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving…

  1. I am not the aww type of person and this made me go aww! I can actually imagine a little girl arguing with the neighbouring kids about her daddy being a giant Teddy bear in leather!

  2. Excellent, you nailed the perfect message for this picture. So often we judge people by outward appearances, determining ourselves to be better – or worse – than them and therefore deem them unapproachable. More often than not we’ve erred in that judgment. It’s so much better to take the time to find out who it is inside the person that we see. Things might look quite different then!

    1. Thanks, Josie. As a one time motorcycle mama I met some really tough guys who were teddy bears at heart. Not all of them some were just mean. You are right that we need to be careful with our rushing to judgement of others. We miss knowing some good people because of our preconceived notions.

    1. Thank you. The life we have is most often a reflection of our perspective. Sometimes it is skewed and needs an adjustment for us to have the life we want.

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