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Celebrating the Small Things

tools-1183374_640Today I am celebrating the handyman. It is hard to find a good handyman and I have. This guy is something of a perfectionist and always does a good job at a reasonable price. The only problem with him is that he has too much work and you have to wait forever to get an appointment with him. After several months of waiting, he was here today and did some work on a closet. It’s a large storage closet that I wanted a couple more shelves in so I can be more organized. His work is done and now I will paint and then get to work organizing  all my stuff. \O/


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8 thoughts on “Handyman…

  1. It’s always nice when you find a handyman, mechanic, or anyone like that, who is reliable, does great work, and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. I wish he lived around here. Enjoy your new closet shelves!

  2. Yay for a good handyman and congrats on a new more-organized closet! My husband’s pretty handy, but that’s just because he’s too cheap to pay for a handyman, so must do it himself. LOL

    1. I am cheap but I know my limits! My mother always said a woman needs three husbands, one for money, one to fix things, and one for love. I think she was on to something.

  3. You know what they say, “A good (handy)man is hard to find.” Right? Well, it is true. The guy that used to help Bill has moved. The other guy is unreliable. I am no help with most things, like installing glass block windows. Enjoy!

    1. I can do some minor repairs but nothing that involves power tools or heavy lifting. I hope to get some paint this week and do my part of the closet work and get it organized. I will be very happy when it is done.

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