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The day is gone…

It’s Tuesday and time to Chatter

I am not sure where today went but it is about gone and I have done mostly nothing. I did read the paper and did the puzzles and then did the puzzles on my Kindle. I count it as exercise when I do puzzles…I am exercising my brain.

I played with the cats a bit and read my emails. How can one person get so many emails? I can’t figure it out. Seems I am always unsubscribing to something and still the mail box is full of nonsense.

I spent a lot of time on the computer. Not accomplishing anything. It is amazing how much time can be spent just surfing in cyber-world. I did find some things on Amazon I must have. If I remember what they are tomorrow I will order them.

I did get one thing checked off the dreaded to-do list.  This needs a drum roll.  Really!

I cleaned the refrigerator!

freezer2  Teddy helped.fridge2


Yep, I did. Took everything out and washed everything and wiped off all the bottles and jars and threw away the stuff with expiration dates that are long gone. I was amazed when I took out the pitcher of iced tea a while ago and it just came off the shelf. Who knew you can just pick it up without having to use muscle to remove it from the shelf. I think I will go open the door and just stand there admiring my beautiful shiny refrigerator shelves for a bit.

That’s it for today. Going to work tomorrow. I’ve been off for four days. Seems like just yesterday I was there. Oh well, I have Thursday off.

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11 thoughts on “The day is gone…

  1. Cleaning your refrigerator was a big deal!!!! You should have not only a drum roll, but a fancy fanfare of trumpet music as well. I tend to clean a shelf here or there, and I’m proud of that humble accomplishment! Actually, I have a new excuse. I have been working in the flower garden that we inherited with this house, and it takes a lot of time to keep pulling weeds. As long as I spend hours outside, I do not require myself to do major work indoors. It might be hard to justify using that excuse in December, but you never know.

    1. Cleaning a shelf here and there sounds wise to me that way the job isn’t so dirty and long. How wonderful to have a flower garden to spend time in. I December you can spend time planning next summers garden.

  2. This sounds a lot like my days now! I play Words with Friends and Yahtzee online to exercise my brain. I wish I could connect with you for those! I also do Sudoku, and spend too much time on Facebook. And oh yes… the never ending email junk. Since job hunting online I’ve been hit with a whole new barrage of garbage to unsubscribe from. Ugh!

    I just cleaned my refrigerator and pantry last week, I won’t even tell you how long some things had been expired! I do not like to clean, but I sure love how it looks now, and it inspires me to cook something or bake a treat for Papa Bear! My goal is to do one cleaning or purging project each day. Speaking of which, it’s time to go get started on the bathroom. Fun, fun! I’m sure Teddy and Jack were a great help to you, I have lots of furry assistance too, I’m not sure they remember a time when I cleaned some of these things, so it’s all new to them! 🙂 Wishing you a great day at work!

    1. I never play Sudoku. I have a problem with numbers. Don’t tell my boss…my work is mainly with numbers. I don’t do Facebook. I did for a while but I didn’t feel good about it. Not sure why but it seems best for me to stay off it. I bet Papa Bear loves having you as happy home maker extraordinaire.

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