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Begin again…

Time for Tuesday Chatter.

Okay, this is the way it is.  I am soooo far behind on reading (and commenting on) the blogs I follow that I am not even going to try and catch up.cat-98359_640 I am simply going to forget about the ones before today and try to stay current starting tomorrow. I know I am missing some really good posts but seeing all those that I haven’t read is making me twitch. So, good-bye old and hello new.

Not sure how I got so far behind.  Well, there is the crocheting I am doing for the two babies coming in October and the work I am doing in my condo that I cannot put off any longer.  And there is the fact that I still do some writing and responding to comments made on my posts…though I am behind there, too. Then there is the pesky part-time job that I actually have to show up at and do some work or the boss won’t pay me. Of course, I still have books and movies that somehow call my name and make me lose track of time. Oh, and let’s not forget the all important daydreaming that must be done.  See, I am a very busy person. Sort of.

Anyway, thanks for understanding.  You do understand, right?
See y’all tomorrow, I think.


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13 thoughts on “Begin again…

  1. I have had to do this on several occassions when I got so far behind with reading and comments that it felt overwhelming and was no longer fun. I think it’s perfectly ok to just begin again! I’ve also learned that it’s ok not to read and/or comment on every post everyone we like writes, we need to save a little time and to do our own writing too! 🙂 Sometimes I will catch up one person at a time, and sometimes, like you, I will just clear the list and begin again!

    1. Well, whether it’s OK or not I am starting on a new page. I don’t think mankind will suffer for my lack of productivity. Nice to know there are those who understand. Thanks.

  2. Why oh why do our bosses actually expect us to show up for that paycheck? Don’t they realize how lucky they are just to have us? oh well. Glad to see a post from you again! 😀

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