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noun, 1950’s slang;  hen’s eggs used for food


When I was a little girl my daddy had chickens in the backyard.
I don’t remember much about the chickens except when I got chicken pox
I was sure the chickens were the cause of my misery.
I also learned from watching the hens on their nests
where cackleberries come from and would not eat them.
I was not going to eat chicken poop!

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18 thoughts on “Cackleberries…

  1. My reply is a little late. Story of my life lately. We had chickens (a chapter of my life as a young woman) but no one told me about cackleberries, but I’m sure I never ate one. I didn’t gather the eggs either, but I ate them all the time. Also, duck, goose, and turkey eggs from time to time. I wonder what kind of berries they produced. Ha ha. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  2. I can well imagine a little girl blaming the chickens for her chicken pox, I had that in first grade and it wasn’t very much fun! I can see why the source of those cackleberries would be a concern to a child. It really doesn’t make them sound very appealing, does it?! This was a fun writing prompt, I learned a new word! 🙂

    1. Sometimes it is better not to know where things come from or where they have been. Chicken pox wasn’t fun. Good to know they are not common now. Is there a vaccine these days? Glad you liked the prompt.

  3. The word “cackleberries” cracks me up. I read it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and laugh every time I think of it. You must have been a smart little girl. My mother had chickens, too. Until this very day I never thought about where the eggs had been that we ate for breakfast. No connection at all!!!! Ignorance is bliss.

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