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Review:Morning Prayers…

365 Pocket Morning Prayers
Dave Veerman

mornprayIf you are wanting help with starting your day with prayer this little book will do just that. 365 Pocket Morning Prayers is a small book with a prayer for each day of the year. Each day has a few words to telling you what the day’s prayer is about, a scripture verse for direction, and a short prayer to get you started.

The days are numbered not dated so you can begin at any time with any day. At the back of the book there is a Topical Index to use if you prefer to find a prayer related to where you are and about what you want or need to pray. I usually read the day page but have used the index to find specific prayer topics. The prayers are written in a personal way that for me makes the prayer more meaningful, although there are some that I do not easily relate to.

The book is small and nicely bound. The readings are short and easy to read, yet have a depth to them that helps start your personal conversation with God. This would make a nice gift not only for one who has a prayer habit but for someone new to prayer or someone struggling to pray every day.

This book was sent to me compliments of Tyndale House Publishers in return I have written this review.


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  1. That sounds like a nice book. I always pray at night, but it would be good to pray in the morning too.

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