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Mom’s Magic

Three Line Tales Week 36

photo by Shaun Hollowaytltweek39

Mom’s Magic

He watched with wide-eyed wonder as his mom cut off the top of the pumpkin and scooped out the insides and then carved a funny face on it. When she told him they would be eating the gooey stuff and seeds his wonder turned to worry because even though his mom was really smart and he trusted her more than anybody that mess didn’t look like something people should eat. The next day when he got home from kindergarten and saw and smelled the pie and roasted seeds he knew his mom wasn’t just smart; she could do magic too, like making wonderful things from pumpkin guts.

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15 thoughts on “Mom’s Magic

  1. That’s a wonderful story! I’ve had pumpkin seeds but honestly didn’t know you could make pie from the insides. (I’d never make it as a pioneer woman! lol) Have a good weekend and Happy Halloween!

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