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When I am weary…


I am usually kinda cheery,
in a mood that’s pretty good.
But the times when I am weary,
I will behave not as I should.
Then I can be cranky and quite dreary.

tired, fatigued, needing rest/sleep
bored or annoyed because you have seen it, heard it or done it many times

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19 thoughts on “When I am weary…

  1. Ah, me, too, my friend. I am still working on this, but having trouble with limiting it to 5 lines. I can do that with stories, but not poetry, it seems…except the traditional haiku. You inspire and make me think…I will try to get in under the deadline. And, I will work harder to link up sooner. Hugs.

  2. I can relate to this quite well, when I am weary I am the queen of snark! 😉 I am still working on just saying, “I’m really tired, I need a little break” instead of grumping at people and leaving them wondering why I am so cranky.

    1. Doesn’t happen often to me but when it does I can make crankiness into an art form. If it happens at work I try to keep my mouth shut and not growl too much.

  3. That is quite understandable, moods swing wide at times. Your cat always seems quite cheery, but in this picture I believe he’s thinking about that mouse that got away.

      1. Me too–although the accumulating birthdays have shown me I have to accept a level of fatigue I didn’t used to have…can’t get as much done in a day as I remember doing. That makes whatever I DO get accomplished sweet victory! I make pretty short to-do lists…

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