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Hope and Promise…

Three Line Tales Week 42

photo by Jace Grandinetti via Unsplashtltweek42

Hope and Promise

When she was young, life was wide open with soft curves, sweet breezes, and promise. Now she was an old woman and life was small and hard with cold winds, loneliness, and hope. All she had to do was to hold on to the hope, keep going forward to the light, and soon the promise would be hers to keep forever.

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28 thoughts on “Hope and Promise…

  1. I know too many like the person in your tale, and it is sad indeed to end up feeling that way about life. I believe that God intends for us to find meaning, purpose, and joy in life until the very end, in whatever ways that works for us. Part of our responsibility is to reach out to shut ins and provide a little company, such as when you share meals you’ve made with your neighbors. It is true that getting older isn’t easy and presents many challenges, but I totally agree in the hope of what is yet to come when we cross over, and that always sustains me!

    1. As long as we have hope we will have peace and comfort. Though it might be hard at times to remember the promise we have for the future.

    1. True, loneliness visits all of us from time to time. It is sad when it becomes a permanent part of life no matter the season we are in but especially for the elderly who often can not get out and be with others.

      1. Hey you, it was me I was referring to☺ Seriously though, the last thing I would want to do is offend anyone, and truly, if my comment offended you, then I beg your forgiveness, for that was not my intent. Much respect, and best wishes,


    1. Though my life is good and warm and filled with friends I can understand the feeling. It saddens me to think of growing old and being alone.

      1. Yes, true. Sometimes life feels more like a giant funnel that you’re falling down, all things leading to one inevitable conclusion.
        Well, there’s a cheery thought for a Monday morning 🙂

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