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A chat and a poem…

Here it is time for
Tuesday Chatter.

My walk today was wonderful. The day was perfect with sun and white clouds and cool breezes. If you saw my post yesterday you know I live in a beautiful neighborhood. Each season it has something that makes me happy that I live where I do. While I was walking I thought about seasons and time and how things change and yet stay the same. And it gave me an idea for, In Other Words, my challenge to write a poem or story in 5 lines or less using the word slippery. 🙂 The amazing thing is that I remembered it!


Time is not to be trusted for it is fickle
It flies by fast or seeps by at a trickle
It is what it is like it or not
We can try to make it mind us
But it never will because it’s a slippery cuss

That’s it for this Tuesday Chatter and In Other Words

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14 thoughts on “A chat and a poem…

  1. What a delightful wrap up to this poem!! I laughed out loud, because you are most certainly correct, time is always moving too slowly or too quickly and then in the blink of an eye much of it has slipped away!

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