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Fill-ins and the holiday…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 29


1. Yesterday, I started the little bit of holiday decorating I do. No tree but a fun wreath on the door and a table centerpiece. Tomorrow I will work on the Christmas village. 


2. To regift or not is the question. I think it’s okay. I would rather the gift that perhaps wasn’t quite the right thing be regifted to someone who would like and use it. But I do think that it may hurt some folks feelings so ya gotta be careful.


3.  My favourite holiday leftover is…leftovers of any kind are my favorite food in general but at Thanksgiving, it’s a turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce hoagie sandwich. Oh, and any dessert.


4. The best part of a long, holiday weekend is …I don’t know, just having four days of being lazy is nice. Although, for me lazy is pretty much a most of the time thing these days.

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25 thoughts on “Fill-ins and the holiday…

  1. Your leftover sandwich idea sounds absolutely yummy. 🙂
    We don’t do much decorating at all around here for any of the holidays. Our oldest daughter was born exactly one week before Christmas, so we have always put off decorating for Christmas until her birthday. Sometimes she decides to have the tree put up on her birthday, sometimes the day after. We just have never wanted to overshadow her birthday. Once she’s out of school and onto her own life, that may change in regards to when we decorate our house, but for now, that is what we do.
    That little bear up there is beautiful. 🙂
    Have a blessed week!

    1. The sandwich is delicious but I had no turkey this year so no leftovers for samiches. Lovely tradition to do the trree on your daughters birthday. The little bear has been with me for years. Got him at the dollar store.

      1. You made me laugh with “samiches”. 🙂 We still have leftovers so we could send you some. haha I’m going to try my hand at turkey salad sandwiches for Wednesday night supper. Nothing fancy, just turkey, mayo, celery, onion, and garlic.
        We don’t know if our daughter will get to be with us on her birthday this year or not. She may have to work that day. We always ring their birthdays in and out with the Happy Birthday song. We have never missed one of her birthdays yet, and I hope that doesn’t get started anytime soon. She’ll be 26 this year.
        I think that bear was a great dollar store find. 🙂
        Have a blessed day!

  2. Any dessert is great. I can agree with a good turkey sandwich. It has to have Duke’s Mayonnaise on it.

    1. After over 50 years of working I del like I earned some laziness. Your turn will come. Hopefully sooner than 50 years. In the meantime enjoy the leftovers.

  3. I took the Christmas tree we decorated for our parade float home — so technically I have started holiday decorating. 🙂 I’ll do the rest this week with my mom. It’s a new tradition for us, since my parents sold the family home last year and live in a condo that’s just too small to have a tree. So we are going to splatter Christmas all over my house and front porch instead.

  4. Patricia, relaxing…being lazy…whatever is always nice! We put up our tree today. A few years ago, we got a small one because the new piece of exercise equipment took up the living room space and left no room for our big tree. Hopefully, we can get into a bigger house within the next year and we can enjoy the beautiful 7″ tree artificial tree again. Maybe, I can get my Christmas village set up this year. Last year I was a bit in the dumps with DH out of work but things are improving all the time. Now, to heat up the leftovers and settle in for a movie! Enjoy the weekend being lazy and thanks for visiting! 😉

    1. The weekend was lovely and lazy. I decided not to do the Christmas village this year. But I do have something on the door and tables. It’s easy to feel a bit down during the holidays even when all is well. There is just so much happy hype that is unrealistic that we buy into.

  5. Our decorating is pretty minimal too, since we don’t have Christmas company and we do have playful cats, but it’s fun to bring out favorite decorations. I am fine with people regifting things I give that don’t work just right for them, giving is in the intent, and that’s all that matters. Better than to let that sweater sit on the closet shelf! I love holiday leftovers too, it means no cooking, easy eating, and yummy things for dessert! LIke you, my days are pretty low key now, and it is a blessing I am grateful for. Happy Holiday Season to you and a truly Blessed Christmas coming up!

    1. I put a table decoration on the dining table today. I wonder what it will look like in the morning. So far the cats have left it alone but they do get into trouble when I am asleep.

  6. It’s not lazy, it’s laid back, being one with the spirit, mindfulness. I don’t really like turkey and we had a surprise guest who ate most of it (yay). I let the family know that next year it’s ham! They don’t really care because in our house it’s about the stuffing (or filling as we call it) and pumpkin pie. The meat is just decoration like parsley except they really eat it.

    1. Turkey once a year is fine with me…ham is my preference, too. We always had stuffing at home but since living in the south I now have dressing. Laid back does sound better than lazy but lazy describes me better.

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