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Chatter and words…


I didn’t go for a walk today because it was raining and foggy. If it had just been the fog I would have gone for a stroll but the rain made me decide to stay indoors and finish the little bit of Christmas decorating for this year. I didn’t set up the Christmas village because when I thought about it I realized if I pulled it out and put it up I would have to take it down and put it away again. That made the decision for me. Maybe next year.

While I was busy with some housekeeping I got to thinking about my word for next year. Every year I have a word that I ponder and study and learn about myself. I don’t really choose the word it is given to me over a space of weeks. Words from the past have been wait, purity, patience and for this year, change. Usually, I have the word by early November but I don’t have a word yet. I wonder when I will know and what it will be?

Thinking about words made think about my In Other Words challenge to write a story or poem of 5 lines or less using the word turkey. No, I don’t think, in fact, I am sure that won’t be my word for 2017!  But I did come up with a poem.


Searching for a prince I haven’t kissed any frogs
But there were a couple of dogs
And to be honest a turkey or two
But I am thankful that over the years
Most I have kissed were sweet lovable dears

So, there you are, my Tuesday Chatter and In Other Words for this week.

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12 thoughts on “Chatter and words…

  1. I love your focus on a word each year, when you know what it will be for 2017, please tell us more about it!

    Your poem was wonderful, I had to laugh because I have kissed a few dogs and a couple of turkeys too. Sweet, loveable guys are harder to find, but they are out there, Papa Bear is the sweetest of all! God saved the very best for last, when I was old enough to appreciate him.

  2. I like your theory on Christmas decorating. When I was young I overdid it. I think I used up all my interest then as now a wreath on the door will do me. Of course my husband will pull out the tree……

    1. The holidays are super quiet for me. Except for dinner our boss treats us to and a couple of small get togethers for lunch it’s just me and the cats. Does hubs take down the tree and put it away after Christmas?

      1. We both take it down after Christmas and our Christmas is quiet too. None of our friends have parties anymore (too much work). We will get together for a few dinners but on Christmas we are alone (and happy). We have some family in for NY Day but it’s hardly worth the work of decorating if you’re not entertaining.

  3. Well, as a kid, I kissed real frogs. They stayed frogs, too. I look forward to what your word will be for 2017. Maybe you will inspire me, too. ❤

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