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Pink elephants…

A Three Line Tales Week 44

photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash
photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash

Pink Elephants

It had been a wonderful girl’s night out, first one in ages, and she drank too many Margaritas.  She was paying for it this morning but the kids have to eat no matter what her head and stomach felt like so here she was in the kitchen making breakfast. She had always heard that after a night of drinking people saw pink elephants…somebody should have told her about rainbow colored biscuits.

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11 thoughts on “Pink elephants…

  1. Like you, I’ve had my share of hangovers many years ago, rainbow biscuits would have been much nicer than they way I felt, which was a good reason to stop that behavior. I prefer to be “bright eyed and bushy tailed” when at work! This was a cute take on the prompt photo, it made me smile. So does your pretty new background, so warm and cheerful and I think I see snow!!

    1. The morning after too much partying is not worth the night’s fun. Took me awhile to learn that but better late than never. Thought the Place needed some decorating too. Glad you like it and yes it is snowing here on WP.

    1. I never saw pink elephants or rainbow colored biscuits but I have had more than a few hangovers. Those days are long gone, though.

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