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In Other Words, sercy…

In Other Words

noun, (of Southern origin)
small unexpected gift, surprise “just because” gift

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word sercy
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14 thoughts on “In Other Words, sercy…

  1. I love the whole concept of suprise (inspired) giving, although I’ve never heard it called this before. Now the word will remain in my mind. Nothing is more fun than giving or receiving a small gift that is unexpected. My spirits have been lifted so many times by someone doing this, and doing it for someone else is twice as fun! 🙂

    1. There is something special in the unexpected gift. The thoughtfulness and kindness is the greater gift. I had never heard of sercy until I moved south. Now it is ingrained in my brain.

  2. I’m giving some lines that are late you see.
    Because I waa busy with my Christmas tree.
    The house got painted, and the décor has changed.
    So now I’m GIVING you my lines on this this page 😊😂🌲

    1. Do you know the word. I never heard it until I moved south. It’s very common in this part of the country. Looking forward to whatever you write.

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