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The Sercy…

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The Sercy

After a miserable day at work, she went home and found a package at her front door. Just seeing it made her feel better and upon opening it and finding her favorite chocolate chip cookies inside her awful day disappeared. They were from her best friend, Lucy. Lucy always knows when she needs encouragement and how to lift her spirits. The very best part of the sercy was the love being shared.

noun, (of Southern origin)
small unexpected gift, surprise “just because” gift

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5 thoughts on “The Sercy…

  1. What a wonderful friend indeed! Nothing lifts the spirits than something thoughtful and unexpected. Imagine how much nicer the world would be if we all made an effort to share a sercy with someone even once a week. I have often found that when we are inspired to send something to someone, God ensures that it arrives at just the right time.

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