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Shopping and anticipation…

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First the chatter.  Saturday I was Christmas shopping in the small shopping and entertainment village down the hill from where I live. It a wonderful place of small independent shops, restaurants, and bars.  There are two senior/retirement apartment christmas-tree-1891228__340buildings, a park, and some apartments that have mostly college age young adults living in them. Also, within walking distance are some lovely private homes and of course the University and State Capitol. It is quite a mix of people. During the day it is a place for shopping and eating. At night eating and drinking and partying is what happens.

Anyway back to my shopping. I did the last of the little Christmas shopping I do and just spent some time wandering around in the shops and stopping for a snack. It was a lovely day to be out and about. People didn’t seem stressed. There were lots of smiles and laughter with the very young and very old interacting and just enjoying the day and each other. Malls, big box stores, and large shopping centers have their place and are nice but there is nothing like a neighborhood village to slow people down and get them talking to one another if only for a few minutes. Like I said it was a lovely day.


 In Other Words


 After weeks of working, the elves were finished today
Santa was ready to fly through the night
Reindeer and sleigh all shiny and bright
With gifts galore packed in tight
All anticipation soon to be blown away

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14 thoughts on “Shopping and anticipation…

  1. I prefer small town shops and cafes. Big box stores are not my thing anymore. I purchase most everything online, except groceries.

    I love the poem and thank you for linking to Tuesday Chatter.

  2. I love small neighborhood shopping/eating experiences as opposed to malls and big name restaurants where there is little personal connection involved. I think it reminds us of years ago when life was a little simpler and people out and about were more friendly. It sounds like you live in a lovely neighborhood!
    Your poem was too cute, and isn’t that true, so much anticipation and excitement built up until the moment when the wrappings begin to fly!

    1. I am ok with malls and big box places when I am on mission for something but to just wander and do some shopping small neighborhood places suit me best. It is crazy the way we hype the holidays then the day comes and poof its over.

    1. It was a treat. Not being a Christmasy type person it surprises me when I enjoy the shopping. The atmosphere was engaging though so easy to join in the fun.

  3. I loved the small town chatter. That is so true. It is part of the old-fashioned American dream.

    Your poem was so cute. I could vividly see it all. Merry Christmas, sweet friend! 🎄❤

    1. I live in a mid-size city but in a small town kinda neighborhood with a village. Suits me perfectly. The poem was one of those done with little thought…it sorta wrote itself. Blessings to you, Annie.

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