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2016, it’s about gone…


Today I am celebrating that 2016 is about gone!
It wasn’t a bad year but it was challenging.
My word for 2016 was change and there was a lot of change.
Change is not my favorite thing. I am happy in my comfortable ruts.
None of the changes were spectacular.
It was all about inner changes.
Things like attitudes and habits that needed to be looked at.
Some things just needed to be brought out, dusted off and put to use again.
There was a lot of decluttering of thoughts to take care of.
And there were things that needed some serious housekeeping or tossing out.


My inner life is much like my home.
It’s comfortable and homey with things I use and things I love,
things I don’t need and things I don’t want but
keep because I am too lazy to deal with them.
Everything looks good until I take a good look in closets and corners, and
under things I need to get on my hands and knees to see or on top of things I can’t see without getting on a stool or ladder.
So that’s what I did in 2016 and it was hard work and humbling.
There is still work to be done but most of the trash has been dealt with.
Now the really hard part…keeping it all clean and tidy.

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20 thoughts on “2016, it’s about gone…

  1. I am celebrating this year drawing to a close too, challenging has been a good word for it. I know there will be new challenges in the year to come, but I pray I am more ready to deal with them. I have also started the decluttering process in my life, but I have a long way to go yet. Getting things sorted out is such a good feeling once it’s done!

    1. Yes, there will always be challenges and how we respond makes all the difference. Now that my mind and heart are less cluttered with trash and non-essentials. (Although, it is still a work in progress, a never ending work, I fear.) Decluttering my apartment will move along better now. 2016 for you was a year of major change. 2017 will be a breeze…I just know it!

  2. I love routine. I brings me peace. Change is ok in small doses…very small doses and in areas that I’d like it in. Each year is challenging in it’s own way. May 2017 surprise us with good things and changes that are appreciated.

    1. I am all for routine! I get cranky when someone messes with my day. Your thoughts on change are like mine but we are not thinking realistically. Change does what it wants when it wants however it wants. We have to accommodate it. Bah Humbug!

      1. *hangs head* Yes. Around here, things are still off for the holiday. Tomorrow will be back to the old routine. BTW I never complain about the “same old, same old” because I kinda like it.

  3. I’m sorry your life has been full of change. (Change isn’t my favorite thing either & and too often change can be for the worse…) But I’m so happy to hear that even though it was hard, you succeeded and are pleased with your new life! I’m impressed by your progress. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!

    1. Don’t be sorry. It has been good for me. Hard but good. I still have a ways to go and my word for 2017 is going to help keep me on track. I will be writing about that word soon.

  4. But change is the only thing that keeps happening constantly and we have to accept that.. loved the way you have portrayed it..

    Hope and pray that your 2017 will not require much of decluttering as you will continue to keep it clean and tidy.. WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR… 🙂

    1. Change is constant. That’s fine…I just want it to be pleasant and not require hard work. I will write about my 2017 word…another that scares me. Thank you for the good thoughts. Happy New Year.

      1. Wish u too a very happy new year..

        Just a thought on what u said.. if we start our day on a scary note everything will be scary.. y not start ur 2017 with a positive note.. instead of seeing the darker side, try to see the positive.. “what you ask is what you get” this is the universal law.. smile u get smile.. love u get love.. I am not being a preacher.. just requesting u to think good and start ur year..

        1. Oh, dear, I am not a negative Nellie by any means. I think sometimes a little scary stuff is good for me so I don’t get complacent. It makes me get out of the ruts I roll into and make myself comfortable there. I will be writing about my 2017 word soon and the why’s and what’s I think about it. I appreciate what you wrote. Good advice.

    1. There is security in sameness but sometimes it is a false security. I have found in the year of my word change that the hardest part is accepting that it is needed.

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