Resolution record…

New Year’s Resolution

She was nearly asleep when her eyes popped open and she sat straight up in bed, looked at the clock and saw it was 12:10 am. Her one and only New Year’s resolution was to exercise every Monday through Friday and here it was Tuesday, January  3 and she hadn’t exercised Monday, January 2! Bummer, a new record for failure to keep her New Year’s resolution.

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20 thoughts on “Resolution record…

  1. This was great, and it doesn’t happen to me only at the beginning of January. I often make plans, and then just as quickly lose track of them, only to have midnight reminders of my negligence. Why is it that our brains tend to do life reviews when we are attempting to sleep?

  2. Boing! That is too funny to wake up in the middle of the night and remembered something that I am suppose to do…

      1. You.hence reason to have pen and paper beside the bed to write it down as reminder then go back to zzzzzzz.

    1. Ok, I was confused…I thought today was Tuesday the second but I see now that it is Monday the second. I fixed the dates on the post. Let’s just pretend I didn’t post it today but tomorrow. Confused?

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