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My Tuesday…

My Tuesday Chatter

Today was a fine day for a walk. The first day this year it wasn’t rainy and foggy. It was cloudy and windy and 65*. Can’t complain about that.

When I came home I got to work putting away all the Christmas stuff. When I did that I organized the closet and got everything all neat and nice again. I think there are closet critters that hide when the door is open but when it’s closed they get busy messing everything up. There is no other explanation for how a tidy closet becomes a mess.


The not very good picture is what I saw from my balcony on New Year’s Eve. The city has a big celebration in front of the State House and for several blocks down Main Street. There are bands and artists, food and drink, and of course, fireworks. The fireworks are really quite nice…the picture doesn’t come close to how good they are. Anyway, it’s very nice to watch the fireworks from my living room in my pajamas.

Speaking of fireworks…
I have a friend whose family has a tradition of
having fireworks when someone dies.
They do it to celebrate their loved one’s life and
to let Heaven know to open the gates.
I think it is a great tradition. What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “My Tuesday…

  1. I will be putting away Christmas tomorrow. We are coming up on Epiphany, so I want to be ready.
    I really like the tradition of fireworks to celebrate a life. It never hurts to do that! We should all try harder when the person we care about is still alive, too. HUGS!

  2. It would be very nice to watch fireworks from home in pajamas. I like the family’s tradition of sending off fireworks to celebrate the life of one going home to be with the Lord. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. It is a comfortable way to watch fireworks. Sort of like a private showing. It is hard to remember when we are letting go of someone we love that the angels are singing a welcome song to them. A reason to celebrate for sure.

    1. I like the tradition. In our grief we often forget to celebrate the one we love is making the journey to their eternal home, a place of love and joy with no pain or sorrow.

  3. I love the new background on your blog!! I also love the view you have from your balcony, how nice to watch the fireworks in your pajamas, your own personal show! I think the tradition of setting off fireworks when someone passes is quite lovely. Here in Texas we can only buy them at the end of the year and prior to the 4th of July. I often wonder how our house gets messy and closets get cluttered, I suspect the furkids have wild parties in our absence 🙂

    1. I am not sure about the laws in SC but there are often fireworks for no apparent reason. I think Teddy and Jack sleep when I am not here but I know they are very busy at night when I am asleep…or trying to sleep. The best way to watch fireworks is when you are all comfy and cozy and don’t have to deal with weather, bugs, or crowds.

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