18 thoughts on “Someone Said Saturday…

  1. We have an ego that always wants to step in with lots of extra pride and complicate things, to look more important. We should live by faith, as a little child, no complications there. Ego steps in and we have radical groups who can’t wait for the war of Armageddon. Go figure.

    1. Neither do I. You may be right as to why or maybe we think we want to be more important than we are so we add complications to make it happen?

      1. WE complicate life without realizing it. We do not literally willfully look at the things we do as making life complicated. Oftentimes we fail to assess or think through our actions before we act then we must face consequences as a result.

  2. Awww, sweet Teddy! How old is he now? One of my favorite quotes that I found printed on a small piece of granite forty years ago reads “Life is not a problem to solve, it is a mystery to experience.” Sometimes we overthink it.

    1. We do overthink most things. I am trying to change that about myself…seems a waste of energy. Teddy was 5 in November 2016. Hard to believe I have had him that long but then it also seems he has always been here.

      1. No, it’s the other way round.. We think we are not intelligent and don’t use our capabilities to full.. we tend to demean our self that is the problem.. coz most of the time we are told you can’t do this you can’t do that.. so we are filled with negativity, instead of being a positive person.. and hence we tend to complicate things coz we can’t think clearly..

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