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The Waiting Table…

photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

The Waiting Table

The antique dining table was set with the finest linens, the wedding china, and the family crystal waiting for the guests to arrive. She stood at the window watching for the guests she so often invited, the people she loved. The guests who never responded to her invitations, her love.

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15 thoughts on “The Waiting Table…

  1. So very sad. It is often true that parents find themselves waiting for children to visit or for friends to drop by. I love her hopefulness in preparing such a beautiful table for their shared pleasure, and then comes the heartbreak of remaining alone. Very well done, you created a powerful mood with your words!

      1. You could write a book! Begin with this and see where it takes you! Tell us her story and why no one comes! You could start your own serial story here each week, like I’m doing at Josie Two Shoes. 🙂

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