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Beware, rant ahead…

I am a day late with my Tuesday Chatter because I spent yesterday trying to put out fires, not literal fires metaphorical ones. It got my Yankee Irish in high gear then I didn’t have any brainpower left to post anything.

I don’t understand why people get so very upset over things that with a little conversation and some compromise can be fixed.  I guess it is the word compromise that is the problem. In this instance, no one wants to compromise everyone wants it their way 100% refusing to discuss it in an adult way. Oh, they will “discuss” the issue loudly and with accusations, like children on a playground fighting over toys.

Anyway, I am trying to help find a middle ground that everyone can if not be whole-heartedly in agreement with at least accept what is decided and then act like well-behaved adults. The way some people are acting they need a sharp reprimand, their cell phones, computers and tech toys taken away then sent to their rooms.

End of rant!
I will chat again next week if I don’t explode before then.

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12 thoughts on “Beware, rant ahead…

  1. Nope, they are still acting like spoiled brats. Going to try again to calm them down at least enough that they will listen to each other. Each sides feel they are being attacked by the other so they get defensive and do not hear what the other has to say. After tomorrow if it is still contentious I am going to leave them to it. As long as I stay up here in my little corner of the world life is peaceful.

    1. Thanks, Debbie, but my skills need to be sharpened to get a compromise here. No one wants to give up on any point in order for there to be compromise. I am going to give it one more shot tomorrow then I am outta there.

  2. I hope things will be resolved peacefully, the sooner the better. I like your idea of taking away tech toys and sending adults to their room. That was good for a giggle.

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