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I am happy…

Celebrate the Small Things

I have spent this week with people who are miserable.  They are nice people and I like them but they are so very unhappy and angry. What a waste of energy! I did what I could to help the situation but they don’t want help. They like being upset and furious. So, now I am done.

For all the frustration I was feeling I had something confirmed.
I am a happy person!happy I have a good life and I know it and I am ever so grateful. Life isn’t perfect. There are problems. Just getting older is a problem, old folks move from general body maintenance to repairs and that is not fun at all. But you have to be thankful that you’re still above ground.

In a couple of weeks, all this neighborly anger will come to a head and one group will win and one will lose. I am more on the side of one than the other but whatever is decided will be “the rules” and I will deal with it.

So, this week I am celebrating that I am happy…
and my maintenance is holding with a few repairs.
Life is good…except when it isn’t then I take a nap.

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19 thoughts on “I am happy…

    1. I am trying to stay calm and somewhat detached but this issue affects me, too. Whatever the outcome I will live with it not worth being upset and angry about.

  1. No reason to be pulled into the trench with the others. Some people seem to only be happy when they can complain and play grumpy. Glad to hear you’re hitting it with a smile!

    1. Why is that? I just don’t get why they are so very upset. I am not totally in favor of what is happening but I do think we can find a solution everyone can live with. Forced smiles make my cheeks hurt.

  2. Being around unhappy people for any length of time is very tiring, especially if they seem stuck at being angry and maybe feel comfortable there. I am all about communication and compromise and when we can’t work toward that, then like you, I am done with it. Negativity is too contagious. I hope the situation gets resolved in a good way. I totally agree about the repairs on older bodies, lots of patching and propping up, but still we are doing good. XOXO

    1. It is tiring and sad. You are right in that they seem to like the fighting. The problem will be resolved but there are going to be some angry unhappy people because they are unable to compromise. They seem to think compromise is the same as losing.

  3. I have a few friends that take things too seriously. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you have to recover. Hope your neighbors don’t become mortal enemies.

    1. They are going to become enemies if they don’t start listening to each other. Not just listening but hearing what they are saying not what they think they are saying. One more meeting then I am done! I think I said that before. :/

  4. Great post! I think sometimes people are working out other annoying problems in their lives when they overreact about something else. I generally nod, murmur “So true,” and zone out until they’re done. I wish you a wonderful weekend – or a good nap!

  5. Good for you! Be grateful for how you feel and what you have now. Sometimes you have to let these grumpy people go thru what they need to for their own learning. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Sometimes people forget their blessings and need to be reminded that things could be worse. I try to remind myself of this, when things are hard. It humbles me to realize the truth.

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