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My view January 2017


Looking at the sunset
I can see a snippet
Of this beautiful night vista
Only just a tiny smidgen
Of creation am I given

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less                                                            
using the word smidgen                                                 The Cardinals Challenge                      

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13 thoughts on “My view January 2017

  1. But what a beautiful smidgen it is! This is a beautiful photo of an amazing view. I think I love sunrises and sunsets more than any other time of day. The land here is very flat so we get a huge view of the horizon with God’s paintbrush lighting up the sky!

    1. It is a beautiful smidgen! I have never lived where there are no hills. I imagine your view of flatlands is like looking at the ocean with few obstructions blocking the view. Earth has so many different vistas!

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