14 thoughts on “Someone Said Saturday…

  1. I think some of the memories I smile most at are times when I might have stepped outside the rules just a bit, not enough to get in serious trouble, but enough to experience the excitement of risk. This is especially true of youth, the older I get the less inclined I am to push the limits, but it’s still fun to remember. And we have to admit that sometimes the rules are just plain silly. 🙂

    1. I wasn’t good at rules when I was young. I am better now but I think when we are old(er) we can get away with breaking a few with few worries of nasty retribution.

      1. It’s been a long time but I used to read all I could lay my hands on about her in my youth. I don’t believe she even fit in in her family.if memory serves. How can anyone find happiness with such a start. Do I recall correctly? Do you suppose she catered to or looked after Spenser because of her background and feelings from that time?

        1. I think she had more than her share of sadness. She found her brother when he hanged himself. That would cause some deep scars. I don’t know about Spencer…but it seemed a tragic affair to me.

        1. Jack never bothers me in the morning, he leaves that to Teddy.Teddy is okay until about 8 if I’m not up I get a paw slap on the nose.

  2. Being a big fan of the early silver screen, I always loved Kate. This sounds like her, for sure. I tend to follow rules, but I have been persuaded to get into mischief at times! Hugs!

    1. I am not a strict rule follower but follow them more now than I did when I lived in space. Hope you are feeling better. ((((Annie))))

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