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About me…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 39

1. My middle name is Jeanne. I was given this name because I was born on my Aunt     Jeanne’s birthday.


2. Usually, I don’t like surprises. But there are some that are wonderful.


3. The Super Bowl is a football game that I don’t remember ever watching.


 4. My favourite sport is none. Sports are okay but I really am not a fan of any.


Celebrate the Small Things

I went to the dentist this week and had three fillings.
The cavities were not big ones so it didn’t take long and wasn’t too bad sitting there.
Of course, the nitrous oxide helped with the
“I am not a good dental patient syndrome”.
I have been going to the same dentist for about 20 years.
I was one of his first patients.
When he was done with his work he asked if I had insurance.
Yes, but it only covers preventative procedures like check-ups and cleaning.
So, he gave me a 30% discount!
Now that is something to celebrate!


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20 thoughts on “About me…

  1. I’m not a sports fan either. I can think of better things to do that watch folks kill each other for millions of dollars. 🙂
    I love those kitty images, most especially the ribbon kitty and the big kitty lounging on the tree. Those are great!
    I’m not a good dental patient either. Eyes and teeth are my no-no zone. haha I’m glad that you have a great dentist! My favorite one so far was Dr. Shriver. He was an oral surgeon that removed all of my wisdom teeth in one visit. He shot me with some really good stuff. A fully zonked Suz is way better as a patient than an awake Suz. 🙂 It sounds like your dentist is a really nice man.
    Have a blessed week.

  2. Yay for the discount! I never have checkups or cleanings (I brush twice a day though), so your insurance would be wasted on me. I love the kitten, so happy for ribbons. My hubs got back from visiting his family in Cairo and brought me a new phone, new plates and bowls, and lots a scrunchies for my hair. I was as excited as the kitten! 🙂

    1. If I didn’t have the cleanings and checkups I would probably be toothless! I have a friend whose hubs is from Egypt and he visits twice a year for three months each time. My friend goes about every two years for a few weeks.

  3. In reading this I realize that I don’t even know why I was given the middle name I have. For some reason it never dawned on me to ask my parents when they were alive. I like to feel in control of situations, so surprises tend to throw me a bit, but they are ok if they are not mean-spirited. I feel like you do about sports, ok, but really not my thing. I value cooperation far more than competition. Going to the dentist is never something I look forward to, but getting a discount is a blessing none the less!

    1. I am not the best patient and have had dentists who were not understanding or patient with me. But this man is the best. If I am having a long procedure and there have been a few, he lets me take a break and walk around for a bit then we start again. I have no complaints!

    1. I am a dentists best friend. I have spent a lot of money fixing…and replacing teeth. I think I put my dentist’s kids through college.

    1. He is a wonderful dentist. When I was looking for a new dentist, way back when, I “interviewed” three. I knew right away it would be Tom taking care of my teeth. 😉

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