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Sign on a door…

When I take my walks I often pass a small shop.
It is a shop that sells craft beer.
This is the sign on the door;


I love it!
Always makes me smile.

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14 thoughts on “Sign on a door…

  1. That’s got to be the most honest “hours” sign I’ve seen! I am often the one standing at a locked door grumbling because it isn’t open at the appointed hour. I think a note like this would make me smile and relax a bit. Even when we strive to do our best, sometimes things happen, and maybe this is a better way to approach life than being such a stickler for being on time. I don’t know!

    1. I think the folks who don’t take themselves too seriously in the retail business world are more successful than the tyrants. Maybe not financially but as good well liked people

    1. They have been in business 2 or 3 years. Two guys that opened soon after they graduated from the university. They do a booming business. You can go in and buy beer to take home or sit and have a cold one and chat with whoever is there.

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