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Three Line Tales, Week 54

photo by Roman Kraft via Unsplashphoto by Roman Kraft via Unsplash

They were going to his company picnic where all the big shots and their wives and the beautiful young staffers would be and here was the woman he loved more than anything showing off her outfit and waiting to hear what he thought. He was waffling and he knew it, but how could he tell this woman he loved more than anything who was just shy of sixty and at least a hundred pounds overweight that she looked silly in the mini skirt and tank top with a sequined Tweety Bird on it? “Oh, Babe, I don’t have the words but come on over here and I’ll show you what I think and we just might miss the dumb ole picnic this year.”

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6 thoughts on “Waffling…

  1. A very clever way to skirt a sensitive subject without causing any hurt feelings or ruining the day. I do think we need to be honest with each other about what is flattering and what is maybe not so much, but this definitely wasn’t the place or time. He was gallant for taking this option, and also for not having her or himself embarrassed at the picnic. Appearance shouldn’t be important, but sadly it is.

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