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The Crowd…

Three Line Tales, Week 55

photo by Edwin Undrade via Unsplashphoto by Edwin Undrade via Unsplash

The Crowd

They all stood looking at the man in the spotlight with his sly smile basking in the attention of the crowd. He made statements calling them promises, comments that were nothing more than wisecracks, jokes that were hurtful, not funny.  Still, they raised their hands and cheered knowing that if they showed their true feelings they would have to leave this place they called home.

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10 thoughts on “The Crowd…

  1. So touching! I’d never be able to tell a story in 3 lines, and certainly not one as awesome as that. Go you!

    1. It isn’t as hard as it might seem. I find it harder to write long fiction. I am glad you liked the story. Thank you for the encouragement.

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