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To sashay or not…


Startled, she looked at the girl and said, “Missy, where you goin’ dressed like that?” “Some of us are meetin’ up in town for some fun, Granny.” “Oh no,  you ain’t goin’ nowhere til you sashay yer sweet self back in the house and put somethin’ decent on that ain’t from the devil’s closet!”


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10 thoughts on “To sashay or not…

  1. Well done. My mother would have said that to me. It’s concerning to see that attire on so many young girls. The fashion mags promote this look so young girls think it is okay to dress that way.

    1. It is sad that business is more concerned about making money than the influence it has on impressionable young folks…and some not so young folks.

  2. I didn’t have a granny like that but my Mom would have said those words I am sure, but I was always in jeans and a tee or a Catholic school uniform and the nuns scared the heck out of me. Well written, I enjoyed it… you made me “see” Granny and I could hear her, too!

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