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Gray and dreary except…

When I took my walk today it was gray and dreary.
There wasn’t much traffic on the streets
and I didn’t see anyone else walking.
There weren’t even any squirrels out and about.
I saw one crow.

I was happy to come home and sit on my balcony
and enjoy my petunias.
I planted them last Spring
and they have been showing off ever since.



They are wonderful and I think they have a right to show off since they weathered the winter cold and never gave up.

That’s my Tuesday Chatter this week
and my Changing Seasons Photos for February.

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10 thoughts on “Gray and dreary except…

  1. Oh, flowers! I was shocked to see our day lilies actually sprouting up from the damp ground. That is highly unusual for February in the Great Lakes!

    1. The petunias are amazing. They are annuals and are meant to die before a frost. These are troopers standing up to a couple of freezes. I wonder if they will still be around in the summer.

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