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Thankful 10 times…

My Ten Things of Thankful this week


  1. A friend was sorting through his kitchen stuff and called to see if there was anything I might want before he took it to Goodwill. He had some really nice things but I am trying to declutter. Okay, I did take one ceramic bowl.
  2. The weather has been really nice and I haven’t had the heat or a/c on for over a month.
  3. Spent a lovely afternoon shopping with a friend. She is family to me and I am blessed beyond measure having her in my life.
  4. Someone in the building donated a chair and ottoman to our library. It is a great leather swivel chair and so comfortable.
  5. A friend hadn’t been feeling well and there was some concern because of a serious health issue last year. He went to the doctor and was given an antibiotic for a bad infection. All is well.
  6. Went to the grocery store and when it came time to pay I used my AmEx card then saw the notice that they weren’t taking AmEx because of a glitch in their system. All I had with me was my that card. The manager said not to worry just take the groceries and if the card didn’t go through they would call me for another card number. What I bought didn’t come to much but it was pretty trusting and generous of the manager.
  7. I was out of my favorite chai tea latte and couldn’t find it at three stores. Found some at Walmart. Only two boxes but that’s better than none.
  8. Next week the handyman will be here and a few little but bothersome things will be taken care of and we will talk about a project I am hoping to start.
  9. A friend gave me a ride to the pet store so I could get kitty litter and some sticky tape. The tape is to put on a new sofa I am getting so the cats will, hopefully, be discouraged of scratching the new sofa. The litter is self-explanatory.
  10. I am reading a book by (a new to me author) Michael Robotham. It is very good and now I have a new author to read.

That’s it for this week.
Blessings abundant.

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22 thoughts on “Thankful 10 times…

  1. I didn’t know about that tape trick. I have curtains I don’t care if my cat scratches up, but I like my couch. Guess I didn’t do enough research. Thanks.

  2. My favorite weather is the kind where no heat or AC is necessary and the temps are just right. Best weather of all, no matter when it happens in the year. I love your #6 – it shows a sense of trust and community that is far too rare. And your #7 – I also love chai tea latte so I’m curious what your favorite brand is?

    1. Weather that doesn’t need added artificial atmosphere is the best! The tea I like best is Oregon Original Chai Tea Latte. It comes in packets or liquid. I always get the packets because the liquid spoils too fast.

  3. I loved this Patricia. I take a little notebook with me every morning and pen a gratitude list…this reminds me of that and take it as an omen that writing one is a great way to begin the day.

    1. What a great idea to carry a notebook with you to write your gratitude list. I make it a point to put at least one thing on my calendar that I am thankful for every day.

      1. It’s an art to be grateful, and sadly, a dying one. I see so much pain where others have it much worse than I do. Yes, my hearing loss is very challenging, but I’m walking, reading, writing…it could be so much worse, and I do think, that’s why God puts these people in front of me to remind me of this. I do…loved this piece of yours…or peace…:)

  4. liked 4, 6 and 10…. (not that I didn’t like the others… lol) but a proper leather swivel chair… what’s not to like, (scientific fact that reading in leather swivel chair increases speed and comprehension by 12-15%)… nice to encounter people acting the why we all would hope (we) would in such a situation.
    have a kindle, never thought I’d give up paper, but the ability to browse and read samples of so many different books, muy coolito!

    1. I have a Kindle but mostly play games and check email on it. I just love the feel of a “real” book. I do have books on the kindle for when I haven’t been to the library or for when I am waiting somewhere. Interesting about swivel chairs. I have a swivel rocker I use when I read didn’t realize it enhanced my reading so much.

    1. 20 books! I am jealous of the books but not the clutter. Once I cleaned out the books I had I gave the bookcases to the library downstairs and haven’t weakened and bought books since.

  5. I do love a good book. I am reading another by Joy Fielding and Water for Stones (Oprah pick) by Urusula Heigl. Both very good, but very different. My book club chose The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd for our next book club meeting. I have a lot to read! Your week sounds fun and full of good things. It is nice when someone trusts you, when someone gives you gifts (even if they are recycled), and someone spends time with you and laughs with you.

    1. Reading is my favorite thing to do. I read mostly fiction that is mystery and/or thriller with an occasional chick lit book thrown in. Life would be sad without friends who are generous and know how to laugh.

  6. What a sweet week you had.
    It has been so mild that we have used little heat, lately. The AC has not been needed, yet! Your friend sounds nice. It is a blessing when you have a friend who is like family. What Chai tea do you use? I love it, too. There used to be one that I liked the best, but I can no longer find it. I need to try this hop with you, now that I am getting into a routine…kinda’. HUGS!

    1. The tea is Oregon Original Chai Tea Latte. It comes in packets or liquid. I get the packets because the liquid spoils. This hop is new to me. I like it…keeps me from taking so much for granted.

  7. No heat or ac for a month? Excellent! I am envious 😀
    How rare and reassuring that there are still trusting people. Your experience at that grocery store would turn me into a loyal customer if I wasn’t already 🙂
    I really like this comment box. Very cool 😀

  8. What a sweet list of blessings you have this week! It sounds like you live in a place with friendly people who look out for each other, that’s awesome! I am amazed at the store manager who let you take the groceries without assuring he had a working card. It’s nice to see that some people still show good faith and trust! I hope the sticky tape works for your new sofa, it should! Cats aren’t fond of sticky paws (except for Gracie, she likes to sample the taste of food that way! 🙂 I love weather that requires no heat or cooling, just about perfect! Here we are still needing a little heat at night and a little A/C in the afternoon to keep things comfortable, which seems so crazy! I am glad that your friend who was sick had something easily treatable, the older we get the more we worry about medical issues. Enjoy your new author/book. Curling up with a good book and a cat is the sweetest pleasure there is! Have a beautiful week ahead! XOXO

    1. I do live in a place with lots of nice thoughtful peeps. The few that aren’t I avoid. I am hoping the sticky tape works. Teddy is the main offender Jack likes the carpeted cat tree. I am looking forward to the week…new things being delivered and plans with friends.

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