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New stuff…

Some Chatter this Tuesday

Today I got my new sofa for the living room,
slipcovers for the chair and ottoman,
and bed for the guest room.
Everything looks good.

Teddy has checked it all out.
Jack could care less.


I put double sided sticky tape on everything.
It’s meant to discourage cats from scratching furniture.
So far Teddy has scratched one of the tapes off the ottoman
and has been licking the tape on the chair.
Again, Jack could care less.

Good thing I am not a perfectionist
and don’t mind a few dings, dents, scratches, holes…

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11 thoughts on “New stuff…

  1. New stuff is always fun. The guys probably think so, too! I insist things be pet proof here. Life is too short to worry about “things”. Good luck, Ted. Hugs!

    1. Jack is totally not interested but Teddy has sniffed every inch of the sofa. I don’t worry much about “things” but I would like to have Teddy learn to like the scratching pads and posts more than the furniture. But cats are cats and they have their habits same as people. If some scratched furniture bothered me too much I wouldn’t have cats.

  2. I never ceased to be amazed at how each furkid has their own distinct personality, just as we humans do. I actually have to keep a small scratching post in front of the left end of our leather loveseat, because a couple of them found it a wonderful place to sharpen their claws! The other two ignore it completely. I was hoping the sticky tape would work for you, at least it seems to be keeping Teddy distracted for the moment! Congrats on the new furniture, it’s always fun to have a new look in the house!

    1. Today Teddy did not scratch anything. Hopefully, this is a new trend. Teddy and Jack are very different but are finally learning to get along some of the time. I didn’t need a new sofa right now but it wouldn’t be long before I would. So, when I knew I was going to retire I went ahead and ordered because of the employee discount. I am going to miss that discount!

  3. I had no idea about double-sided sticky tape. What do you mean you put it on all over? You mean the spots where Teddy usually scratches? I must do something about Dickens. He’s started scratching the back of my sofa. Grr.

    1. I put the tape where Teddy scratches, the arms and back of the chair and the corners of the ottoman. When I see him starting to scratch a new place I put some tape there. Today he didn’t scratch anything…at least not when I was around or any place I have found. Time will tell if this was a good idea or a waste of money.

      1. Thank YOU. Silly Dickens somehow thought my sofa enticing. He’s also ruined a couple bamboo chairs though we have a cat tower with three sections to scratch and another little stand alone.
        BTW, have you ever needed to re-carpet your cat tower?

        1. The one tower I have Jack has put to good use and it looks awful. Teddy just looks at it. At some point I think I will try to recover it. They are kind of expensive and would rather not have to buy a new one.

  4. Teddy is quite a character. I still miss my Shady. He mistakenly decided my coffee table was his. I thought he only slept on it until the sunlight caused his claw marks to show up. Alas.

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