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Only if you believe…

Three Line Tales, Week 57

photo by Fleur Treurniet via Unsplash

Only If You Believe

People laughed and told him he would never find what he wanted because it was unreasonable and insane to think that such a thing existed. But he kept looking and when he saw the strange little man he knew his searching had not been in vain and he asked, “Sir, do you know where I can find the one true love that I desire more than anything else in the world?” The gnome nodded knowingly and said, “Aye, follow the sign over there, but ye must remember the unbelievably impossible is only possible if you believe.”

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9 thoughts on “Only if you believe…

  1. Your new blog background is so beautiful, Spring has sprung! There are things in life that require us to believe, and sometimes when everyone tells us it’s impossible, we find out they were wrong. Believing in ourselves can be much like believing in this unicorn, but if we only believe we will see! A great, fanciful story for this prompt, with a message too!

    1. Thank you. It’s a photo of the front yard of a house I walk past all the time. I think the tree is called a Tulip Tree. The story does have a message, one that is very important to me. Really, if we don’t believe in ourselves how will we ever do anything of any meaning to ourselves or anyone else?

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