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Light and lock

Celebrating Small Things

I have light in the bathroom!
Last Thursday the light in my bathroom wouldn’t come on.
I checked the breaker box and it was okay.
Changed the light bulbs…still no light.
Called the handyman.
He was on his way out of town.
Then the light came on and later it wouldn’t come on.
That’s the way it was for a week.
I don’t like showering in the dark!
Taking a bath by candlelight was kinda cool, though.
Today, the handyman was here and I have reliable light.

I also have a new lock on my door.
The old one had gotten tricky in its old age.
So, it had to go and a new one installed.


It’s good to have a handyman on call.
If he’s a good handyman and does the job right
it’s okay to wait a week.

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20 thoughts on “Light and lock

  1. Same thing just happened to the light in my kitchen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and cooking with no light is impossible! But my resident “handyman” got back from a trip and took care of it. Yay! 🙂

  2. Patience was never one of my strengths, I would have been grumbling about the delay, but yes a bath with candles can be very relaxing! Showering that way, not so much! It was good that you had the lock replaced too, before there came a day when you couldn’t get it with an armful of groceries! We have keyless locks on or doors now, just a keypad needed, and I love it! It sounds like your handyman did a good job when he finally got there, so all is well that ends well! 🙂

    1. I had a keyless lock for several years then it just went psycho. No one could fix it. Now I am back to a plain old lock and key. The handyman always does a good job. He is sort of a fussy perfectionist. I’m not complaining but sometimes I just want something fixed not perfected. Know what I mean?

  3. It’s those little things – like no light in the bathroom that drive you crazy but can easily be remedied. 😃 I like the springy look to your blog.

    1. No light in the bathroom was becoming kind of a big thing but it’s fixed. My blog background is a picture of a tree in the front yard of a house a couple of blocks from here.

    1. Mine sort of came with the building. He doesn’t live here but has friends that do and that’s how many of us here came to know him. It’s really a you “need to know someone who knows someone” kind of thing to find a handyman.

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