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The Fence…

Three Line Tales, Week 58

tltweek58photo by Jake Oates via Unsplash

The Fence

She loved him so much but lately, he was very troubled and unhappy and wouldn’t tell her what was the matter. She tried to make him understand that she would love him no matter what the problem was but he would have to tell her what was going on.  How could she help him when he has put this fence of silence between them?

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16 thoughts on “The Fence…

    1. There was a time when I built walls and I sometimes still do. I didn’t know that I was doing this until someone pointed it out to me. I was surprised that everyone didn’t think like me. Usually, I catch myself before the walls get more than a couple of bricks high now. Saves energy and work of having to tear them down.

  1. I have always been frustrated by people who go silent and have no desire to come back and talk about whatever the problem is, even if a little cooling off time is needed first. You can’t resolve issues or assist people with problems if there is no communication. I think it’s the most needed skill children need to be taught… share your thoughts and feelings in a non-confrontational manner, and then also to listen to what others are trying to share with you! Great story, Patricia, you could sense the frustration and feeling of defeat.

    1. Thanks, I am glad you liked the story and sensed frustration. I come from a family of silent sufferers. Took a long time to learn otherwise and I still sometimes hide behind a fence of silence.

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