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TToT, second week of March…

Ten Things of Thankful


  • Organized my files and got paperwork ready for tax appointment next week. Just have some paper shredding to do but the real work is done.
  • Finished the crocheted baby blanket for my friend whose baby boy is due this month.
  • Had a lovely morning with my friend. She had some shopping to do and I went along and did some shopping myself. Then we had lunch. While at lunch she got a call that her son and his soon to be wife had their offer on a house accepted. Great joy!
  • A neighbor was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday. I saw her as they were wheeling her into the elevator. She is in her late nineties and as feisty as ever. No news yet as to how she is doing. I am thankful for the EMS folks. They do a much- needed service and deserve our gratitude and support.
  • Had some good feedback on my writing at my other blog, Day of Grace. This blog Patricia’s Place is where I just talk and have fun. Sometimes there is serious stuff here but for the most part, it’s easy. Day of Grace is my heart and takes a lot of thought and prayer. I need to be more circumspect and thoughtful there. I want to be an encouragement and not preachy.
  • I have been asked to serve on a committee here where I live. I haven’t said yes or no. I need to give it some thought but I am humbled that I have been asked and thankful that I am considered worthy.
  • I am ever so thankful that my arthritis pain does not flare up very often and when it does it responds to aspirin quite nicely. No other pain medication is needed.
  • I have plans for dinner with a friend this coming week. She is a work friend and I haven’t seen her since December. It will be great to see her and catch up with the last couple of months.
  • We had snow flurries this morning. It was beautiful! There is a sweet peacefulness looking out the window of my nice warm home and watching the snowflakes float from the sky. I am thankful for the sight today and thankful that it’s a sight we don’t see too often.
  • I received a reimbursement check from the insurance company. This is a great blessing because it will cover the handyman work being done this month. I had been complaining about the delay but as often happens the delay brought the blessing at the perfect time. God is good!
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28 thoughts on “TToT, second week of March…

    1. First responders are special folks! I decided not to serve on the committee unless they couldn’t find someone else. Fortunately, they found someone else!

  1. What a full and lovely list!
    I like knowing you have two blogs and definitely will check out the second very soon. I’m on the verge of putting up a second blog to compartmentalize my writing more. Good to know others manage it!

    1. Two blogs is doable but takes some work. I am not all that disciplined so sometimes one or the other gets a bit less attention than it should. Usually that is the other blog because it is harder to write and takes more time.

  2. Oh, Patricia, I have crocheting baby blankets galore this winter. I am on my fourth – the second boy – with two more upcoming blankets to make. Things are prolific around here. Off to see the other blog.

    1. Baby blankets and sweaters are my favorite things to make because it doesn’t take long from start to finish. Sounds like there is a baby boom happening where you are!

  3. Good work. Having two blogs isn’t always easy.

    Snow seen drifting down, from inside a warm house, this is the most peaceful. We are getting a lot of snow at this moment and I am glad I am indoors reading your blog tonight.

  4. How nice to have feed back on your other blog. I’ll have to head over and take a look. Like someone else has said, I prefer watching snow from the coziness of my house, but then I am averse to feeling the cold! It does look beautiful though 🙂

    1. I am not fond of the cold. I grew up in the cold winter weather and very happy to no longer have to live there. Though the summer was nice. It is wicked hot here in summer.

  5. This was such a wonderful list of all kinds of gratitude, Patricia, it left me smiling all the way to know that there are many good things in your life!

    I agree with you that snowflakes falling is a very peaceful and beautiful thing, and it’s a blessing we don’t see them pile up often where we live! 🙂 I’d love to see you post a photo of the baby afghan, they are fun to make and such a treasure to receive!

    I find your Day of Grace blog to be inspirational to me each time you post, so often it’s about something I am struggling with too! I will pray for your elder friend that was taken by the EMS, I am thankful they came for her promptly and I know she is safely in God’s hands.

    It does seem that funds come just as we need them, whether it’s insurance, tax refunds, or from sources we weren’t expecting. God does indeed take good care of us! Thank you so much for sharing at TToT, blessings to you in the week ahead!

    1. I might post a picture of the blanket. The baby is due any day. This is my friends third child. Her youngest is 16 or 17. This baby is the surprise of her 48th year! I am glad Day of Grace has something that speaks to you when you need it. Makes my heart warm and happy.

  6. not to be contrarian (lol… I can hear zoe in the back of the room… yeah, right) but snow is something I prefer reading about or seeing from a safe distance, like, say a video.
    Being in southern New England, we do get to see it often enough, though, despite the excitement about some snow this week, the calendar is totally my friend. It’s nearly the middle of March, so any snow is facing an impending Spring.
    Good TToT list! Part of what I get from participation in this ‘hop is reading other’s lists and seeing what (parts of them) I am able to identify with. I’m a big fan of the idea of ‘identification’ which, for my own purposes, is the attempt to see the world as another is experiencing it.

    1. I grew up in northeast Ohio so I know all about snow. Snow in late March was always a bummer and when it occasionally happened in April it was enough to cause mass insanity. I am very happy to be a Yankee transplant in the sunny South.

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