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Teeth chattering chatter…

My teeth are chattering this
Tuesday Chatter.


Last week it was in 70*.
Since Sunday when we had snow
it has been in the 50* in the daytime
and 30* at night.
Tonight and the two nights after
it is going to be in the 20*!
I say,
“Enough of this nonsense!
This is the sunny South
and March means warm!”

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11 thoughts on “Teeth chattering chatter…

  1. We are a spoiled bunch here in the warmer regions. My family in the Midwest laughs at me when I whine about it being cold outside because it’s 38 or 40. It has snowed heavily many times there in April, but the good part it is that it usually warms up and thaws again quickly. I fuss about the cold, I fuss about the heat, maybe I just need to find something new to fuss about! šŸ™‚

    1. I try hard not to complain about the weather…or anything I can’t do anything about…but sometimes I am a crabby person and I let the lid blow. Really compared to where I grew up this is but a bit of a chill. Soon we can fuss about the heat and humidity. šŸ˜‰

  2. We went for our walk when the thermometer registered 16 degrees. This was not painful, since we still have our winter coats from NY. Our neighbors, all younger than we are, think we are crazy.

    1. 16* is pretty cold but id it isn’t wet or windy ok for a walk. I still have my Ohio parka and every few years I need it. At least you are giving the neighbors something to talk about.

    1. Last night was in the 20* and surprisingly my petunias still look good. More surprising to me is that I planted them last Spring and they are flourishing, first time that has ever happened.

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