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CTST’s today…

The sun is shining and it is not windy and freezing.
The guys installing the new balconies are back to work.
If it is too cold the epoxy used with the screws is ineffective.
Definitely, want the railings to be secure.
If it’s too windy they can’t work because it isn’t safe for the installers.
Certainly, want them to be safe and secure.

The cats are not happy about the noise.
Especially Teddy.

He just wants it done.
It’s hard to nap with all the noise.

Jack’s okay.

Not exactly happy but putting up with it.

So, today I am celebrating
the good weather and working conditions,
the guys working and doing a good job,
and my sweet catkids.

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7 thoughts on “CTST’s today…

      1. I am hoping that Summer will be as kind as Winter was here. I can take cold much better: a nice fire, hot tea, a book, a critter or two. Hot Summer? *augh* No relief. Enjoy the Spring!

  1. Poor kitties, they so dislike interruptions in their lives, be it people or noise or a change of routine. But yes, the new balconies are worth the temporary inconvenience, and it’s wonderful that the weather is now nice enough for the workers to work on them! Have a lovely weekend, dear friend! ❤

    1. Teddy is not happy with change or the unknown. Jack pretty much takes what comes in stride. The balconies are beautiful! I can hardly wait until they are all installed which will be sometime next month.

  2. Yes, it sounds like no wind and non-frozen epoxy is definitely something to celebrate! Sorry the kitties are annoyed by the noise, and I hope all the work is done soon and you get lovely new balconies with sturdy railings! Have a good weekend. 🙂

    1. The building is going to look so good when the work is finished. The cats are going to have be patient for about a month… there are 84 balconies.

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