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Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Had dinner with a friend I used to work with. Was so good to see her and catch up. She treated me to dinner which was a sweet surprise and quite unexpected.
  2. The handyman was here and took care of some of what is on my list for him. Nice to have a level armoire and curtain rod brackets that aren’t falling off the wall.
  3. The first part of the week was cold and wet. I stayed warm and dry inside with the cats. It is a blessing not to have to go out in bad weather.
  4. Spring is here!
  5. Watched the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. There was some rain but the folks in the parade didn’t let it dampen their spirits. It was colorful and fun to see passing by my apartment.
  6. Someone tried to log into my Google account but Google caught it and no harm done.
  7. A migraine threatened but a couple of aspirin took care of it. It has been years since I had a migraine…definitely a blessing!
  8. Watched a nice father-son-bonding movie, The Confirmation. It is an independent film worth watching. The acting was good and the story of a young boy spending the weekend with his alcoholic father while his mother and his step-father are away was lovely, funny, sad, uplifting. Just a good movie.
  9. Since my cataract surgery, I only need glasses for near sight. I wear “cheater” glasses for reading and crafts and the computer. I get the glasses at the drug store or dollar store so they never cost more than $10.00 and often less. It is such fun to have all these different glasses!
  10. I have been getting eight hours of sleep most nights. Even if I go to bed really late I get enough sleep because I can sleep until late. A wonderful benefit of retirement, I feel so rested. And spoiled!

It has been a good week.
I am blessed abundantly.

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20 thoughts on “TToT list…

  1. Inexpensive glasses are a definite thankful! (Having just ordered a pair of progressives this week–which are not inexpensive–I particularly was drawn to your ability to find affordable eyewear!)

    I also have a running to-do list for home repairs. Glad your handyman was able to help you!

    1. I used to wear progressive bifocals. Any time a prescription is needed cost is high. But it is a blessing to have bad vision corrected even if it is expensive.

  2. Retirement should be all about getting spoiled. Should be anyway. Glad you had a fulfilling week. As someone who gets a lot of bad headaches, I am always thrilled when I hear of someone getting rid of theirs with such ease.

    1. Sorry about your headaches. I rarely get them anymore and when I feel one coming on I take something right away so they don’t become bad.

  3. Nothing like staying in the warm when it’s cold and wet! I’d love to get eight hours’ sleep although our pooch doesn’t think that’s fair, so wakes us up early!

    1. I have two cats that come in to get me up but if it’s early I just give them a pat and go back to sleep. They are spoiled and know I won’t let them starve.

  4. I’m with Josie – homeowners should have a handyman included in the mortgage. That is the thing we miss most about apartment living. Upkeep on a house is the worst – always seems to happen when there is nothing to spare in the budget. Boo.
    I am not retired but I do work for myself and I love not having to punch anyone else’s clock but my own.
    Other than during an illness, I can’t recall the last time I slept eight hours…pretty sure it was before I became a mom, though! 😀 Have a great week!

    1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a handyman that didn’t expect to get paid?! At least the one I have is reasonable. The downside is that he is incredibly busy and it takes what seems like forever before he has time to get to me.

  5. Oh, I feel for you with migraines. Thankfully, with Mayo Clinic, I am able to control mine, now. And, I know the triggers. Weather changes definitely do it, especially rain.
    Chicago still colours the river green. This is a yearly event, since 1962, when Mayor Daley first had it dyed. The Chicago Irish are a dedicated group!
    Nice list, my friend. I still do this kind of thing in my journal, where I have since I was a kid. There is much to be thankful for, all in all. Hugs.

    1. I haven’t had a full-blown migraine in years. Once in awhile, I feel one coming on and I take aspirin right away so it doesn’t become awful. The key is to know your triggers!

    1. Isn’t it fun to have more than one pair of glasses and not have to pay big bucks for them! The doctor told me I would need cheaters so I got some right away. It would have been nice to get multi-focal implants but I wasn’t a candidate for them so I have my distance vision corrected but not the near.

  6. I especially like Item 2. the effect of a ‘fundamental element’ being changed/improved. (I like large scale landscaping, i.e. cutting down trees, planting grass, for the same reason), that is, we get used to certain things and then when they are changed, for a certain amount of time, there is the very cool feeling of ‘ that armoire is stable like it was when it first arrived, the curtains don’t need (me) to be careful, that sorta thing.
    good TToT

    1. It is wonderful to have the nagging little things taken care of. Bigger projects really give a sense of accomplishment when they are done. I have a couple of those coming up and will be very thankful when they are off my to-do list.

  7. I can see that you are enjoying your retirement. Isn’t it nice to live by our own clocks instead of office/work clocks? I get up early anyway because my husband still works, but if I don’t want to, I don’t have to. There is something so decadent in that! Glad spring is here, you got some house chores fixed and dinner with a friend ad they pay – that’s a good week.

    1. It was a good week but then I am blessed in that most of my weeks are good. It is wonderful to be able to stay in bed til later and or if I want to get up early.

  8. Thank goodness for number six. I get this type of notices too buy it is always me trying to log in from a different place like me trying to do Facebook in a Treadmill monitor yesterday.

    1. This is the first time this happened to me. I have gotten notices that something was blocked but I never had to change passwords or update security before.

  9. I wish houses came with handymen like apartments do. Papa Bear is very good at repairs and maintenance but he only has one day off a week and I hate to see him spend most of it working on house projects. I am fairly handy at doing the small ones myself. You’ve chosen a great location in the city to live… pretty places to walk and enjoy Springtime, and even parades marching by!

    I am glad your migraine headache was quickly subdued, Papa Bear suffers from them, and his vision and speech are often affected. He requires medication, and it’s still scary because they come on without warning.

    I’ve added that movie to our “watch” list, it sounds like something we would enjoy. I like true to life stories. Being able to get by with “cheater” glasses for close work now is truly a nice blessing, and yes fun to be able to have a collection of inexpensive glasses to suit your mood and keep handy! I wear trifocals and can’t read much of anything without them.

    We share the blessings of being now retired… staying home when the weather is too hot or cold or wet, and sleeping in later in the morning if we are tired… both are luxuries that I treasure! It is awesome to be treated to dinner by a friend too! It makes me happy to read here, you have created a great life for yourself that you clearly enjoy! Blessings to you in the coming week. XOXO

    1. Well, the handyman doesn’t come with the apartment but he does a lot of work here. I think he should be put on the HOA payroll. Sorry that Papa Bear has migraines. It is truly a painful issue. Does his diet contribute to the migraines? If I have too much caffeine, chocolate, or tomatoes a migraine will start. I have been able take something when they start so they don’t become true migraines. My speech is okay but I my vision does get wacky. I love sleeping in until mid to late morning! Retirement does have its upside.

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