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TToT, March 26…

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. I am thankful that I have lived another year and look forward to the rest of the time I have here, however long that may be.
  2. For the cards and flowers friends sent celebrating my day.
  3. The friend who treated me to dinner and the friend who took me out to lunch. I had a great time with both of them. Such a blessing to have them in my life.
  4. A call from my friend who lives in West Africa wishing me a happy birthday.
  5. Spending time talking with a neighbor while sitting outside in the beautiful weather.
  6. My friend had her baby, a healthy baby boy. Both are doing well.
  7. Got my taxes done and blessed to have a refund coming my way.
  8. I am thankful for Pandora. I can listen to continuous music without the interruptions of disc jockey’s talking and bothersome advertising. I also like that they have lots of choices of types of music.
  9. I am thankful that my niece survived a usually fatal illness and that she no longer needs dialysis and is back at work.
  10. I am so very thankful that my wants are few and what needs I may have are always met often in remarkable ways. There is always enough to see me through whatever the circumstances may be.

It has been an awesome week!

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29 thoughts on “TToT, March 26…

  1. I am happy your niece is well again. You celebrate your birthday like I do – lots of times. Do you suppose it is the March birthdays, after a long winter, that need the most celebrating?

  2. You have shared so many beautiful things for which to be thankful. . .life, celebration, friendships, accomplishments, health, and recognition of blessings. The beautiful tree in the background is lovely.

    1. There is much to be thankful for and I am thankful that TToT makes me think about the blessings and not taken them for granted. There are a lot of these trees in my neighborhood. The one in the background is just a block from where I live. When I see it in bloom I know Spring is here.

  3. What an excellent TToT!*
    and Happy Birthday!
    *we all have different styles to our participation in this bloghop and, since the start of the TToT, there have been those posts that have a simple directness (in style) while still conveying the emotion of gratitude. I read them to enjoy and to learn (hopefully) to write a clearly a post.

  4. Happy Birthday! It sounds like your day was well celebrated, I think birthdays are such wonderful times to realize how blessed we really are to be here! I join you in being thankful for the new baby’s safe arrival and for the niece who has recovered and returned to work.

    Tax refunds are the best, and I hope you get to use it for something fun! I used to enjoy Pandora a lot when I was at work, especially when I could play Christmas music! It is so nice not to have all the interruptions while listening to music you enjoy!

    You are blessed with beautiful Spring weather, and with having your needs met, I know the One who loves you and provides for you, I also know that you are a true blessing to me and others. XOXO Enjoy your week ahead!

    1. The baby and my niece were the happiest of blessings. And I did enjoy the beginning of my personal new year. Don’t know if the tax refund will be used for fun stuff but it is fun to have extra money to spend.

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