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The wind…

In Other Words
Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
using the word wind.


She stood in the yard wondering at the majesty and mystery of the wind and its moods. She could feel it, soft and caressing or cold and harsh, she could hear it quietly whispering or angrily roaring, and she could see it gently moving grass, flowers, and trees or whipping them with a fury like a frenzy. This made her think of the man in the house and how he was moody like the wind. It made her sad to know that though she loved him there was no majesty or mystery in the man. It made her even sadder to know she liked the wind more than him.

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9 thoughts on “The wind…

  1. A beautiful post on how things can be so changing in nature, and what is beautiful and caressing can turn into something ugly and harsh. I feel sad for her, I have been in that place.

  2. Made me smile… true enough that we like wind, weather, cats, dogs …. more so than people.

    1. The wind does misbehave at times. Tomorrow we are supposed to have very high winds with possible tornadoes. I hope this forecast is wrong!

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