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B16 is for B16eauty

The way I see it…

Outer or physical beauty is as they say in the eye of the beholder. Each of us sees or defines beauty differently. What or who is beautiful in my eyes may not be beautiful to you. That doesn’t make ugly what or who I see as beautiful.


The media, however, seems to want us all to see beauty through its lens. What or who we see in magazines and in the movies, on TV or any other media form is defined for us as either beautiful or not beautiful. Celebrities are shown to us as the standard of beauty and many accept it or use it as the rule or model of beauty.

I am not denying that celebrities are beautiful but I am asking is what we see in the media real? Most photographs we see of these beautiful people are not candid shots taken in everyday ordinary circumstances. They are usually photos taken by professionals for publicity with makeup and clothing professionally done with artful touch ups by the photographer or taken at public events with makeup and clothing that are perfectly done. If we were to see them without the benefit of the media’s lens would their beauty be the same or would it be more realistic?

What makes someone beautiful in your eyes, the media’s lens or something intangible and perhaps less perfect? Are we taking away or refusing to see the beauty of the average person because of the artistry of the media?

The way I see it…true beauty is more than what the eye beholds.

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  1. Amen to all of that. We would do better to teach our children to strive for inner beauty, outward beauty if fleeting and deceptive. Way too much stock is placed on someone’s clothing, makeup, hair or accessories. Yet I’ve found that if you get away from all that, the person inside that facade has many of the same issues as you and me. Beauty comes from inside, not from something you can buy, or surgically alter!

    1. I don’t know why we get so hung up on what is considered by the media to be beautiful. You are so right that beauty comes from what is within a person and when you get to know them that makes them beautiful on the outside.

  2. Very true, I try to see beauty within a person because without that it doesn’t matter how good one looks.

    1. My brother was a very sweet man and he believed all people were beautiful but those who didn’t believe they were wore masks that hid their beauty.

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